How to Make Mushroom Tea – A Quick, Highly Customizable Recipe You Can Try Today

Mushroom tea has been around for a very long time – perhaps even thousands of years. From the ancient tea shops of Africa and Asia, to the modern shops in places like Scandinavia and Mrs. Brown’s Tea Shop in Jamaica, this is a truly global beverage that has stood the test of time, and survived the legal efforts of various governments to wipe it out.

Today, it remains taboo in some places, but thanks to science and modern testing tools, we now have proof that mushroom tea is indeed a powerful medicine, not a dangerous illicit substance.

As awareness of tea returns to our culture, so do questions about how best to make it.

A common question is what kind of strains should be used.

The answer is pretty simple for this one – any strain you want. There’s really no wrong answer here. Just make sure you know roughly how potent a given strain is. Most P. Cubensis strains on the market have a moderately-high potency of 0.68%-0.75% psilocybin and psilocin.

Now that we know roughly a bit about potency, how do we make tea?

Here is a simple process anyone can follow, that also allows for some flexibility in your flavouring and medicinal ingredients options.

If you need a visual guide, DoubleBlind has a fantastic video on this process that’s worth looking at – How to Make Shroom Tea 🍵 | DoubleBlind

Step One 

Weigh out the portion of mushrooms you want. This step is the most critical – you’ll want to know exactly how much you’re taking. In the event that you don’t have a scale, we’d recommend buying one. Accuracy is the difference between what you’re looking for, and a potential for something that wasn’t part of the plan. 

Step Two 

Grind mushrooms into a powder. There’s a lot of ways you can do this. Because mushrooms are already dried, a coffee grinder or something similar works pretty well. 

Step Three 

Chop up whatever you want to add to your tea; ginger, turmeric root, or any other herbs and/or spices you’d like to add. We recommend adding Lion’s Mane powder for a powerful nootropic tonic.

Step Four

Pour heated water over mushrooms and other ingredients in some sort of vessel. We recommend a tea pot with a built-in strainer or even a coffee French press.

Step Five 

Let the tea sit and infuse into the water for 10-15 mins. 

Step Six 

Add any other flavorings you’d like such as: non-dairy creamer, milk, a milk alternative, honey, sugar or anything else you’d like to include.

Some Final Thoughts

Once you’ve measured, ground, flavoured, and infused your tea, find a relaxing place to enjoy it with some outcome in mind.

Remember, you’re taking a psychedelic, not just having an evening chamomile. 

Having some sort of structure around your tea session will set you in a better frame of mind to be able to enjoy it comfortably and get the maximum health benefits of this wonderful and historic medicinal drink.

Do you have a favourite infusion? Share it with us in the comments!