Microdosing for Leadership Development


A top-tier hot topic of the 21st century has to be the mechanisms around effective leadership. What good leaders do, what bad leaders do, and all the grey in between. One thing that isn’t disputed, however, is that good leadership begins with awareness of actions, empathy, people skills, and being present in the moment. Leaders in any organization or peer group that enable the group to thrive the most understand these three principles well.

So how does microdosing a psychedelic affect leadership? By enhancing these key traits in most individuals who partake in the practice. According to Paul Austin, of The Third Wave, microdosing for leadership is a practice that was able to take him from socially awkward and unsure of himself, to the clairvoyant and empowered. We’re not suggesting that microdosing psychedelics is right for everyone, but we are saying there is anecdotal evidence to support that the practice can indeed help in the leader role.

So, how does microdosing a psychedelic like magic mushrooms help enhance these traits? Before reading on, if you’re unfamiliar with microdosing psilocybin, check out our related post to get a better idea of the practice here.

Focus and Awareness

Many individuals seem to report increased awareness when doing most physical or mental tasks. Some of these include better motor skills, better concentration, better emotional awareness, and an improved ability to only see the relevance in the task at hand.

In terms of a leadership role, it isn’t hard to see how these improvements can help build a more complete picture of a vision for an organization, or group of people, that are all working towards the same goal. Better focus and awareness on the right things almost always lead to better outcomes.

Empathy and People Skills

Empathy and people skills are some of the hardest things to cultivate, for both new and experienced leaders. These traits involve stepping outside of your comfort and internal workings to be able to connect with the people in your organization or group on an emotional level.

Leaders benefit from these skills more than most as they are always in a position of authority, even outside of a business structure.

Raising empathy means being better able to connect with team members, which allows for better understanding and trust between the leadership and those in their charge. And with better empathy, comes better communication, and with better communication, comes better results in all the team executes together.

Being Present in the Moment

It’s easy for the mind to wander and to be partially disengaged from the tasks and/or conversations at hand. 

This tendency is amplified the more we take charge of situations or people. 

Dozens of things can be in our minds at once, and if we are leaders, being noticeably distracted by other matters can easily come off as being uncompassionate towards the conversation with a teammate or peer.

Microdosing helps with this in the same way that it helps empathy and focus – by increasing the value of the present moment and reducing brain chatter that isn’t relevant to the situation at hand. A brain is a predicting machine that always tries to live in the future to protect us from danger, but it draws on the past to do it. Psychedelics lower the activity in the brain centers responsible for this and increase the cognitive bandwidth available in the present.

It’s worth noting that many of the effects of microdosing are subjective, but books like Jim Fadiman’s The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide, document these kinds of benefits several times over – bringing them closer to verifiable science than simple anecdote.


There is still much to be learned about psychedelics and their effects on the brain, not to mention the human experience. But at least as it pertains to leadership, microdosing seems to be giving a consistently positive result in focus, empathy, and momentary awareness. Making it worth considering as a potential future standard practice for the world’s top leaders and industry performers.

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