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Little is known about this mysterious new strain of Cubensis beyond that it seems to be a cross between several different species including Puerto-Rican, A-Strain, and possibly others. Not found in the wild, this strain is still somewhat rare as well as being one of the most potent mushrooms on the market today. It is rumored that as little as 0.5g can be felt by the average user, with trip potential as low as 1g of dried mushroom. The psilocybin content is also relatively unknown, but based on reports, it’s possible this mushroom could contain as much as 1.5%-1.9% psilocybin per 1g of dried weight or more. This mushroom is best reserved for advanced users but if you are a beginner and want to try… Start low, go slow.

Mushroom Edibles

Mushroom edibles are great tasting ways to dose without the need to experience the taste and texture of dried mushrooms. With a diverse product range, you’ll find several new and delicious ways to dose. From chocolates, to gummies, to teas, we have you covered.

Considerations When Microdosing

Always ensure dose accuracy when microdosing, and know the right amount for you.

Effects vary from person to person. Always monitor your mental and physical state when dosing until optimal metrics are found.

If physical effects are observed when microdosing, do not drive, or operate machinery or power tools for several hours after dosing until effects subside.


Microdosing is the act of taking a sub-perpetual dose of a psychedelic so as to not experience any perceptual effects beyond desired cognitive outcomes of the individual.

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Additional information


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